Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Green Living Magazine Opportunities for Chinese to come live/work in USA?

Question by decret ingredient: Opportunities for Chinese to come live/work in USA?
My girlfriend is Chinese. She speaks English very well. She has a bachelors degree (general studies) from a school in China, and experience working for a magazine and a travel agency.

But she is open to do any kind of work. What job opportunities are available for her in the USA? Also, where? (what company/industry?, what city/state?)

If you know anything about getting a work visa, we’d really appreciate any info on that too! Thanks!
Thanks muerto,

I’m a student in Oregon. (graduating in 1 week, not sure where/what I’ll do for work, (it depends on where my girlfriend can find something).

She is in Canton. Has never tried for a visa to the States, but has been able to get one for HongKong.

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Answer by Muerto Mujados
decret are you currently living in America? There is not enough information to give a helpful answer to your question. What work do you do? Where is your girlfriend now? Can your girlfriend get a vistors visa? You’d have to answer some of these questions for anyone here to be really helpful.

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