Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Eco Friendly Products Hair and Beauty Products that are Eco-Friendly?

Question by brancomicguy: Hair and Beauty Products that are Eco-Friendly?
Such as Perming solutions and Shampoos that are made organically and not tested on Animals.

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Answer by holland
Ojon haircare uses ecofriendly products and they also help to employ South American tribes plus their stuff is great. You can learn more at and then there is Jonathan Product who’s stuff is a little bit more L.A. but his stuff isn’t animal tested, it’s celebrity tested and it uses natural ingredients his site is and I was just sent an email from Sephora about Cargo making a brand of lipstick that is made from corn so it’s biodegradable, and the package has flower seeds in it so after you’re done you wet the package and plant it and flowers will grow. It’s really cool, Also Stella McCartney has a new line of facial products that eco-friendly as well. You can find those and other lines at

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