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Green Home Plans What's a good at home workout plan?

Question by Allana: What’s a good at home workout plan?
What’s a good at home workout plan that I can do by myself? Without equipment and any extra stuff. I’m 170lbs and my goal weight is 120-130lbs. Should I do crunches, push-ups…. what? And how many should I do, and how often?
I’ve had the weight on me for about a year. My daughter is 15 months old!

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Answer by Edna
I have been a body builder for about 20 years. I started out with a weight of 150 and in 1year got up to 207lbs. The first thing you need to know is that men and women’s hormones are very different. Never the less, the more you frequently you exercise a muscle group each week, the smaller that group becomes. As for losing fat, the only is to eat the right way. A woman should use an exercise routine with high repetitions( 20 repetitions/set) 4 or 5 times/week. Excercise all the muscle groups each workout. For instance do 2 sets of leg exercises, 2 chest exercises, one set of pull-ups, etc. I drink one swallow of water between each set. (A set is one group of 20 reps) If you can’t do sets of 20, don’t worry, just do as many as you can. If it becomes easy, just add a little weight or change the exercise. As for diet, don’t eat much fat cuz fat is stored by your body immediately no matter how much you exercise. Be sure to plan in advance your meals for the week. If you try to decide what you will eat till right before you eat, or you wiinevitablybly over eat. Drinking Gatorade is Great to help keep your energy level up during workouts. Be sure to plan to eat from each of the food groupproteinsens, fat (cook with olive oil, it’s good for you heart), green veg., yellow veg., etc. Don’t sweets for desert. Fruit is best. I have been a type 1 diabetic since age seven. I don’t eat sweets unless unless I am having a severe hypoglycemic reaction. Also if you have a day where you are just too busy or tired, take the day off. Finally, get a serious workout partner. They will help you on your ‘lazy days’. It won’t hurt at all to miss a day. Don’t use a scale to decide how your doing. Take pictures!!!! It doesn’t matter how much you weigh. How you look is what you should care about. The only reason I knew my weight was because my 2 partners and I had weigh in once a week because we wanted to build bulk in our muscles. ! We really did too!! When I was last at the gym, I wsquattinging 405lbs. Good luck and please let me know how your doing in your workouts.

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