Friday, January 31, 2014

Green Home Design My Green Anole ; ;?

Question by Leith: My Green Anole ; ;?
My bitch of a grandmother tried to pick up my green anole, irvine, whom ive had for a year and i have told my entire family to not pick them up (i had 4 total but 3 females died from being attacked by crickets and ants) and she fucking broke off his tail and claims i shouldnt be mad it doesnt hurt him, it happened to one of the females right after i got home with her and i was so mad at myself i slammed my head into the wall upwards of 10 times it pisses me off to see him without a tail wtf should i do?
i know it really makes me mad, no i used to get too big crickets and they would go after the females and the ants used to come into the cage and eat the crickets but then they tried attacking the anoles

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Answer by Nintendo Dude
Don’t worry, the tails grow back :)

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