Saturday, December 28, 2013

Green Smart Living Q&A: How to make the bad boy's character not so perfect?

Question by jay: How to make the bad boy’s character not so perfect?
I’m writing a book on wattpad and it always seems like the bad boy is perfect doesn’t have any flaws. It’s always dark hair green eyes, tall, abs, and the heartbreaker. Ugh so annoying. I want to make my bad boy not perfect whether he has a disease or nine toes! I don’t know!!! What are some ways I can make the bad boy imperfect?

Best answer:

Answer by Marilen
Make him skinny, without abs. Maybe a mole somewhere or a zit. Stories often lack zits and moles haha. Tell us why he is covering up that good personality of his. There always has to be a reason even if he is doing it for fun.

(sorry about my grammar mistakes… I’m not a native english speaker)

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