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Sustainable Green Living Does the Outlook for the Industry Present an Attractive Opportunity?

Question by goldy: Does the Outlook for the Industry Present an Attractive Opportunity?
If someone has a non profit organization that promotes living a
“green life” or a sustainable lifestyle does the outlook for an organization in that type of industry present attractive opportunities, if so what opportuinities do you foresee?

Best answer:

Answer by CaliforniaBiodiesel
When setting up a 501(c) 3 non-profit the primary purpose is to help individual people in some concrete way. You have to be able to measure the success of of that help. Funding is about being a funnel for money to help as many people as you can, not for the organization.

I was involved in a organization that should have been a trade association (another type of non-profit) but was setup as a 501c3. We had to change the focus of the group to education on our green topic but never was able to get any funding so the group has now closed.

Get educated about the different types of non-profits there are and how non-profits work before starting a new one. The Foundation Center offers classes on non-profit organization and fundraising at many cities across the country. Search out if there is an organization already established that is close to what you want to do and join it and see if this is the type of work you like to do. You can propose a project that is specific to what you want to do and then try to get funding for it through that existing organization.

I personally started a green for profit business because it is easier to get funding and seed capital for green businesses here.

Kari Lemons
Greenstock LLC
Waste Fryer Oil to Biodiesel

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