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Simple Living How does US Dollar affect other currencies?

Question by Cyberboy003: How does US Dollar affect other currencies?
I’m relatively new to these type of topics, but I was just wondering how the US dollar, as the world’s reserve currency, affects the value of the currencies of other countries. Is there anywhere I can read about the relationship of the USD to the rest of the world’s currencies? Any academic sources perhaps?

For example, to make it simple: I live in Australia – what would happen to the Australian Dollar if the USD crashed and there was hyper-inflation over there? Would there be hyper-inflation here as well?


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Answer by D
the us dollar is the leaders saying everything around us is theirs then they lend it to the people with debt attached , you begin to slowly pay it back with taxes and by listening to their very orders they give you in case you don’t work….when that debt is repayed they take everything you bought back and feel its time for you to “go” they disrespect and ambarass at the saeme time when you are supposed to make you children owe you then they just end up disrespecting and you end up embarrassing them because you lent them your power … so maybe now you can figue how it does…not all guys will make their children repay them just ones who compete its a female in nature thing…as in male zodiacs will make you owe them food and that’s why should be two currency floating around but they do whatever they want…they will begin to talk as soon as its brought anything it is a defensive “Move” so you think their useful….I do economy vote for me :)

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