Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Green Living Gifts Q&A: How extensively is Saint Patrick's Day celebrated where you live?

Question by Jonny B: How extensively is Saint Patrick’s Day celebrated where you live?
I live in Connecticut and it is huge here. As kids we celebrated at school by wearing green and the teachers would always have a tiny party for us. As an adult, nearly every restaurant has corned beef and cabbage, and now that people are more educated about it most restaurants will have several authentic Irish dishes. Most bars will have Irish singers for the week(s) leading up to St Patrick’s Day.

I realize that it is because we have a large Irish descent population, but how about other parts of the country?

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Answer by [Shut^and kiss me]
we dont really do alot we do dress in all green and have parties in schools but they dont serve corned beef and cabbage but i think we should do more we have like the green beer and all that but i think it should all be about st. patricks day i am irish so thats what i think but many would disagree with me they are haters!

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