Thursday, September 26, 2013

Green Living Room Decorating Ideas How can I decorate my living room?

Question by beachbum: How can I decorate my living room?
I have a new apartment..below i have included a link to my floor plan. I want to liven up the living room and maybe kitchen space. I need some color and some decorating ideas. The only thing i have is a black leather couch and armchair. I really like jade green. Does anyone have any idea or suggestions?

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Answer by SuzyQ
Jade is nice,you could also go with sage green.Have some art work with black frames and bright colors on the ppictures including yellows,rust shades.Instead of plants,I buy fake potted grass plants.You can also buy the grass or reeds alone and add them to a vase.Clear or solid.On window treatment user a solid shade that will match the artwork well.Something that will pick up the colors nicely like a light gold shade.An area rug with checkers which includes all these colors will bring it all together

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