Saturday, September 28, 2013

Eco Products A question about eco-friendly cleaning solutions?

Question by muddlepuddle: A question about eco-friendly cleaning solutions?
I want to start using more eco-friendly cleaning products in my house both for the health of my family and for the health of the planet. I have found various websites that give you recipes of for different uses basically using combos of water vinegar lemon soda etc…. but I am very pedantic about my bathroom and my floors. I like to be sure I kill the bacteria each time I clean them. So can anyone find me a website that actually gives an anti-bac eco friendly cleaning solution? I know in general lemons and vinegar are anti-bac but when you dilute them with water are they still anti-bac? Help!

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Answer by Backwoods Barbie
Yes, diluting with water is fine.

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