Thursday, August 29, 2013

Green Modular Homes Q&A: My AC constantly runs. Why?

Question by Jori Marie: My AC constantly runs. Why?
So I live in a modular home and my AC and Furnace are together. When I was the AC on I have to flip a switch and when I want heat on I have to switch it back. So I turn my AC on and set my thermostat to a set temperature and go to sleep then I wake up in the middle of the night I am freezing and it shows that I still have it set at at that set temperature but it is still pumping cold air. Like last-night I woke up I had it set at 75 and it was 70 in the house and still pumping cold air. It never shuts off when I have it on. Well I have tried a few different thermostats lately and it still does not help. So now I don’t keep my AC on while I am at work because it would just constantly keep running and by the time I get home it is SO hot in my house it sucks. I am getting puppies in a few weeks and I need to get it fixed so they are not freezing when I am at work or SUPER hot. Any ideas what I need to do?

I’ve lived there for over a year and have been dealing with it for awhile.

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Answer by skibm80
Sounds like the furnace is having a hard time telling what the temperature is. Instead of looking at the thermostat end, try checking where the thermostat connects into the furnace and make sure those connections are secure.

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