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Environmentally Friendly Products What is an environmentally friendly way to cure acne?

Question by SallySparrow: What is an environmentally friendly way to cure acne?
Regular over the counter face washes don’t work well at all, I could use some new ideas. Plus I enjoy being environmentally friendly.

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Answer by FelixS
Drink water. No seriously. By drinking water, you hydrate your skin, flush your inner body and allow your insides to deal with the inner crap that’s causing your acne.

Acne is something that begins internally. Pimples, oily skin, etc are just the outer symptoms of your inner problems. You have to treat acne from the inside out to get clear.

In the short term, you can use baking soda, aspirin and honey to help deal with any current breakouts you have. Just mix the baking soda with some water and lightly massage onto your skin and just rinse after you’re finished. This is great for exfoliating and cleansing pores.

For the aspirin mask it’s the same thing. Get uncoated pills from anywhere and crush them up and mix with some water. Opt for uncoated as they’re easier to crush. Leave this on for 10-15 minutes and rinse off. This is also good for exfoliating and aspirin is essentially the same thing as salicylic acid. It will clean your pores and dry up breakouts. In this form it’s also very gentle on the skin.

Lastly is a honey mask. Try to get raw, unprocessed honey as it retains many healing properties that get destroyed when honey is cooked. Just spread honey on your face and leave for 10 minutes. This is an AMAZING moisturizer and helps prevent future outbreaks.

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