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Sustainable Green Living Where are the best areas in America for horticulture?

Question by Mongoose_28: Where are the best areas in America for horticulture?
I really want my own land, and for relatively cheap as I am a poor college student. Just a few acres. I want to have a small sustainable organic mini-farm to feed me and my wife. I am willing to work hard with the land to create good soil. I was wondering which areas are best for this considering climate and any other considerations.

P.S. As a side note, I would love to have some honeybee hives some day too! does this change where I should try to get land?

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Answer by oso83854
Try some of the smaller communities in the central Midwest, but make sure you check with the local Agricultural Extension office to find out about rainfall, irrigation, types of crops that are best for that area, etc. Southern Oregon is an ideal place for truck or fruit farming, but land is typically very expensive. Some rural areas in the southeast are also good bets, but make sure you know as much as possible about local restraints (pest control, water, soil condition, erosion, etc.).

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