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Tips For Green Living How can I make my lifestyle greener and better for the environment?

Question by Do You Feel: How can I make my lifestyle greener and better for the environment?
I don’t know if I phrased this right but I tried lol. Let’s start with my room, bathroom, n so on. What tips do you have? I changed all my the lights in my room to flourescent but I usually use the blinds til night time anyways. I recycle, reuse, and I try to reduce waste. I take shorter showers now n even brush my teeth in there too. I want to start planting trees this summer but to me that’s not enough. I want to do more. What else can I do? PLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEE HELP.

Oh my parents don’t let me bike to school bc it’s a REALLY busy street so I carpool.
I’m only a teen! I can’t buy appliance for our house ): …

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Answer by Charlie
You sound like you’re doing a lot already. You can’t solve all the worlds problems alone. If you have some control over the AC you might raise the temperature in your house (room). Take slightly cooler showers maybe. You are apparently still in H.S. so you don’t have control of a lot of your life but you are doing what you can in the part you do control. Keep thinking and you’ll be one of the “good guys”. Congratulations on doing what you can.

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