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Green Living Roof what is the best way to get my arborvities ready for winter?

Question by rowbee: what is the best way to get my arborvities ready for winter?
i bought hollytone and i’m going use it this weekend. i live in michigan and had the tree for 2 years now. also , during the summer they were a great emerald color, now that fall is here, they are looking dull, is this normal just before it gets really cold.
also now that it is october, when should i give them one last good soaking

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Answer by Sharon
Hollytone is good, make sure that you don’t use too much. The back of the bag will show you how much to use. Dull color in the fall is normal, it’s just that time of year. During the winter also it is normal. If it is a rough winter, you may get some “winter burn” but the arbs usually make it through okay. Spring and summer should show the bright green again. The only other suggestions that I have to get them ready for winter are:
1. Make sure they are mulched in. You are in a cold climate, and this will help protect the roots. You can use mulch, or even hay or straw, around the base of the arb to help protect.
2. My only other thought is that very often during rough winters, snow will break their branches, especially when planted close to a house (snow falling off the roof). Some people make little “teepees” to put over them, so the snow slides off and away. Others will protect with burlap.

It’s good to care about your plants :-) If you have more specific questions, please feel free to email me. Have a great night~!

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