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Green Apartment Living What is the best way to get rid of beetles and other crawling insects in the home?

Question by : What is the best way to get rid of beetles and other crawling insects in the home?
We live in the city, second floor apartment; nearest green is over the main road but still we get beetles and woodlice roaming about. Where are they coming from and what’s a good spray to use? Thanks.

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Answer by Lar
it all depends on what type of beetle you are seeing…there are a number of beetles that live in the home such as carpet beetles, weevils, some that feed (their larvae) on wood. If they turn out to be any of these you may be able to stop them just by removing their food source. Larger black beetles coming in from the outside are just an occasional invader can be stopped with better weather stripping and sealing openings or by placing out a residual insecticide such as the “Ortho home Defense” type products. The woodlice (guessing you mean sow bugs, maybe pill bugs) will be coming from moist area where there is organic matter such as rotting wood or leaf matter. They could be coming from outside next to the building, if there is a large population and something changes in their environment (such as a heavy rain) they will flee, climbing up the building getting inside. Adressing where they are coming from will stop the problem and once again an insecticide with a residual can help keep them out.

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