Monday, December 31, 2012

Green Energy Live Why is it with everyone "going green" I cannot find a good clothespin bag for hanging out laundry?

Question by Sheila: Why is it with everyone “going green” I cannot find a good clothespin bag for hanging out laundry?
I live in a small town, grew up hanging out clothes (even in winter). My dryer recently died and I was without one for a month, with 4 kids. So I was literally hanging out all the clothes. I don’t really mind hanging out clothes but cannot find a large, durable, clothespin bag. The one I have from Wal-mart, the only store in our area that even carries them, is made out of this weird mesh type fabric and ends up ripping. I don’t leave the bag out in the weather either. K-mart and Martha Stewart doesn’t have them, nor does anyone else. If you get a young store sales person, they don’t even act like they know what I am talking about. You would just think with everyone wanting everyone else to go green and conserve energy that you could find a clothespin bag!

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Answer by (:♥TayLee♥:)
Perhaps you have or could find a large cloth purse to use…:)

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