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Green Living Solutions I have a weedy yard with bare spots. How can I make it green and grassy?

Question by Jeff: I have a weedy yard with bare spots. How can I make it green and grassy?
My wife says we should just call a landscaper, but I want to do it myself. How can I tell her this is possible?

My problem is mainly in the front yard. I’ve got lots of weeds. In some parts, there’s no discernible grass at all. Just weeds. In other areas, the soil is compacted and no grass grows.

In the back, the grass is a little better, but there’s still lots of weeds (clover, dandilion and patches of thick-bladed grass bunches).

What can I do to improve the condition of the yard? My friend says to use Scott’s Weed and Feed, but will that really solve my problem? For the bare patches, should I buy seed or could sod be a better solution?

I’m willing to pound the yard with a hoe until all the weeds are gone, if that’s what it will take. What’s your idea?

Best answer:

Answer by Beau H
The first thing you should do, is use Roundup on the weeds in the lawn, wait for 4-5 days, this will allow the roundup to work its way into the roots, completely killing the plant. Then use your hoe to cut off the tops (above ground) parts of the weeds, and pick them up and put them in a trash bag so they cannot reseed themselves.
You will also need to loosen the soil before you plant sod or seed, you can use a rototiller or just use a shovel to break up the ground.
This is also the time to mix in a fertalizer (Compost, Manure or a lawn starter fertalizer) this is also the time to make sure the ground is flat.
At this point you can now plant sod or seed, the only difference between the two is , the sod is a little more expensive, but you get instant green lawn. With seed it can take about a month to give you a somewhat filled in lawn.

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