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Eco Friendly Homes Q&A: eco friendly home cleaning materials for business?

Question by Joanna G: eco friendly home cleaning materials for business?
hello, I would like to start a small business. I’m very aware about climate change, global warming and all that that’s why I came up with an idea to start making Eco friendly cleaning materials i could sell here in our village. Please help me, give me tips, suggestions or websites where I can find ways to make one. It will be deeply appreciated.

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Answer by maryanne g
We have awesome cleaning products that are eco-friendly…and they smell incredible. I sell Gold Canyon Candles and we are now known as a fragrance company! Our Rosemary Mint All Purpose cleaner is my personal favorite…It works awesome and the smell is just wonderful!
We just came out with refills too!

We have a special thru January…sign up and get the starter kit for FREE….when you sell $ 350.00 within your first 30 days….

Go to www.kikiscandles.com and click onto the Homeology products to see more about the products….

Cleaning companies are just loving these products!!

Gold Canyon Candles – Kiki’s Candles

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