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Green Living Consultant Proving income for wife's green card OR what can I count as income? (student loans)?

Question by Alex W: Proving income for wife’s green card OR what can I count as income? (student loans)?
My background: Japanese father, American mother, born/raised in the USA, lived there until 18, have a us pasport/social security/etc. I left the country in 2003 to pursue my undergraduate degree in Japan. I am now 23 and have been married for almost a year, and have a 4 month old daughter (my wife is a Japanese national). Both of us speak fluent English, and my Japanese is passable.

I am graduating from my undergraduate degree in June, and have been accepted to Master’s programs in the states (only U of Michigan so far, waiting to hear back from harvard/yale/princeton/MIT) to study architecture.

I have been pre-approved to receive assistance from the Japanese government in the form of a 150,000yen/month (approx 1500$ USD) loan, which accrues no interest, and does not have to be paid back until 6 months after whenever I graduate (3.5 year degree), and it only has a 2% interest rate!

My other income has been from teaching English (20 hours a week) and earning approximately 1-1.2k USD$ a month, depending on exchange rates. I only started doing this in April of ’08, so my income in 2008 was pretty low (maybe 8-9k, not enough to have to file taxes, I think?).

Now I am in the process of trying to get a visa for my wife to live in the states while I load up on debt and get a degree which will (hopefully) allow me to support my small family (my undergrad was in “liberal arts” and I have no interest in becoming an investment banker/consultant).

I understand the rules regarding poverty level/etc, but I’m worried about whether this monthly loan from the Japanese government will be acceptable as “income” to help me prove I can support my wife and child. I will also, presumably, be getting limited support from whatever university I end up going to, in addition to the normal FAFSA loans.

From my understanding, I need to prove an income of around 23k USD, or that, minus my income, times 3 (since we are married).

Is that the case? Meaning 23000 – (1500 x 12) = 5000 x 3 = 15,000? As in I need 15,000 in assets to make up for my lack in income? Do I even need that if I can use my income from teaching as proof? I don’t think I could because it would not be possible for me to keep doing that job if I live in the states…

I’m pretty sure this question is fairly convoluted, so if you need me to clear anything up I would be more than happy to…

Right? That’s what I’m also wondering… She doesn’t need to work right now (although the option to would be nice).

Best answer:

Answer by Jeff B
As long as you can establish taht you are going to receive that income every month there is no reason it would not be included in your application as legitimate income. I am not sure though if you need to apply for a green card, I’m thinking there might be some other visa you want…it seems like it’s harder because if you weren’t a US citizen you’d be a shoo in for a F-1 visa and she could come with you on that no problem…

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