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Green Living Books Living Green Book Suggestions?

green living books
by CoDiFi

Question by Mystical Hologram: Living Green Book Suggestions?
If you have any good suggestion that would be sweet!
more specifically what I can do in everyday life to live more green, house improvements, shopping habits ect.
Great suggestions, but any suggestions on reading materials. I understand its a lifestyle and varies by experience, but i’m thinking of a “how to” type references

Best answer:

Answer by Kelly L
Living “green” is a concept based on practicality, locality and common sense. But mostly it is about sustainability which is a concept you may need to have advanced schooling to understand all abstract aspects.
Practicality is spending money to save money ,i.e. new gas filled windows or reusing something rather than throwing it out etc.
Locality is all about consumerism and not purchasing products from more than 500 miles away.
Lastly is common sense about little things like purchasing organic from 3000 miles or conventional grown next door (the answer is next door even though organic is highly praised in green living). Also this requires you to think about what you are doing in your everyday life,( this is where sustainability comes in) your commute, trash, housing needs etc.
You need the help of a sustainability consultant to be able to get all those detailed answers, oh I am one such being.
Also I forget to mention about chemical use (toxic consumerism), this is where you monitor and inform yourself about the chemicals in your life. This is everything from all the gases released from your carpet and paint to the type of household cleaners and personal care products used.

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