Saturday, March 31, 2012

Green Smart Living Liberals...what are some of the ways you are living 'green' everyday?

Question by Lyla: Liberals…what are some of the ways you are living ‘green’ everyday?
I hope your not eating meat, and got rid of your plasmas and big screen tvs…you dont keep your thermostats above 68 degrees do you? Are you driving a smart car? What about breathing too much…you do know its dangerous and is very very bad for the world…how are you controlling that? Give me some examples of your green living…hopefully its strictly ‘green’ wouldnt dare contribute to the ‘climate change’…would you?

Best answer:

Answer by Stephanie says ur a windowlicker
Hmm yes the amount of oxygen I inhale daily is equal to the pollution of a massive corporation that spills cancer causing chemicals into groundwater.

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