Friday, March 23, 2012

Alternative Energy Alternative energy?

Question by fefe k: Alternative energy?
What do you think will happen once oil and natural gas start becoming really scarce? I read somewhere that the world could survive with 20/30% less energy because so much is wasted but then what? What if the supply decreases by 75%?

Judging by prices alone i would say that current supply is at best “tight” and will slowly decrease worldwide in the years to come.

Will alternative energies, even the ones that supposedly work (and they might not), be at least available when needed?

Best answer:

Answer by FunnyBear
We will both be dead, or close to death, when the oil runs out. I think that the big move will be towards electric cars and trams. I’m not sure what will happen to the planes, since they probably can not run on electricity.

We will probably end up using corn based cellulose for plastics and chemicals.

People will starve and abandon the cities. Humanity will re-ruralise.

Like a bunch of cockroaches, humanity will progress.

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