Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Green Living Forums Q&A: Most Popular Environmental Forum Online?

Question by George Chernikov: Most Popular Environmental Forum Online?
Hi folks,

I am looking for a list of some of the more popular communities online – forums – where people get together to discuss the environment and how they can do their part in helping keep this planet nice ‘n green.

I’ve done a few searches on Google, but so far all I’m coming across are half-dead forums with the most recent posts dating from a week or two ago.

So, does anyone known of a popular, active, lively online forum dealing with environment and “green living”?


P.S. If you own such a community and it’s active enough to meet the criteria specified above, feel free to post the link here and I’ll happily check it out.

Best answer:

Answer by Permaculture bella
Yahoo Answers meets criteria Environment Section.

Its Not Easy Being Green – Dick Strawbridge of TV fame is the other most active proper Forum style forum

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