Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Green Apartment Living Living in an apartment, how live "green"?

Question by george zip: Living in an apartment, how live “green”?
I live in a typical boxy, drafty, energy sucking apartment and i try to live as “green” as i can. any suggestions on how to be more efficient? can i use a solar panel somehow, etc.? thanks.
how TO live green, sorry for the typo.

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Answer by Sumedha
well, that depends on the size of ur appartment…..u can plant many varities by greenhouse affect on the upper terrance….u can decorate many plants as per their requirement of sunlight and can choose various plants to keep at various places….keep ur passage filled up with plants in pot….the stairs, lobby corners, room corners and even wash rooms can hv plants…..its not tough to maintain them….do that with the help of a good gardner….

U may also plant some bogunvilla kindda plants in the terrace as they just creep to the grills and walls of the house

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