Friday, May 23, 2014

Green Living Show Q&A: Where can you buy green lipstick in the UK?

Question by lucie: Where can you buy green lipstick in the UK?
I need some green lipstick to buy for my dance show next week. It needs to be a stand out shade but not a light green, more middle green. I live in England so if there are any stores I can go to that would be much appreciated, websites will be good too:)


Best answer:

Answer by Bambi ♥ Justin Bieber
I feel your vibe, I love vibrant color lipstick too! (: I dont know if they sell in the UK, because I live in the US, but I’m pretty sure they ship worldwide. Checkout the online store Lime Crime. The link is You’ll fall in love with the colors and types of lipsticks and lip glosses. They can be costly, but worth it. Big fan! Love love love. They’re almost never in stock here, their products are popular, and I dont think many people know of Lime Crime. There’s a mint in the lipsticks. A dark glitter green in the lip glosses (Hollygram in the Carasoul Glosses) which I think is the green you’re talking, or it’s your best luck. Hope I helped.

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