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Eco Friendly Gifts GIFT IDEA HELP! please!!!?

Question by moth: GIFT IDEA HELP! please!!!?
ok. my friend who’s 2 states away wants me to send him a fun box… which from how he described it, it’s like a gift basket, only in a box. so… i’m clue less as to what to send him.

he’s really into music, he’s a memphis boy and he likes blue grass and indie music and plays the piano.

so far, i have some christmas ornaments, since christmas is coming, and porcelain music box with a little grand piano and Schroeder and Lucy from Peanuts. i have candy and some origami cranes and apple hand sanitizer… but i really dont know what else to put in there… any ideas. please help.

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Answer by Joe
Okay, I’ve got a really cool and inexpensive gift idea. Everybody is running around buying iphones and ipads like money grows on trees. All that electronic stuff will be out of date in just a few months, and will likely break even sooner. I got a Gobie H20 bottle as a gift and still use it to this day. It’s a really neat (BPA free) water bottle that filters your water as you drink it. It’s super cool looking and people are always asking questions about it and stuff. It also saves me money because one filter cleaner 100 gallons of water. That adds up to about 500 plastic bottles that are not being thrown into the ocean or landfill. The bottle cost about $ 40 and the filters are about $ 20. That does seem pretty steep for a water bottle but, since it filters so much water it ends up saving you about $ 1,300 bucks per filter. I thinks it’s really cool and unique. I buy my filters from Eco Life, their like an Eco Friendly specialty store. The website is www.ecolifecleaning.org/store. I hope this helps.

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