Thursday, May 29, 2014

Alternative Energy Sources How much money would I save with an alternative energy source?

Question by Jeff: How much money would I save with an alternative energy source?
I’m with PPL electric in Williamsport, PA and want to switch to Alt Energy. Anyone know how much I could save?

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Answer by Ichbas
In general the payback on an alternative energy system is anywhere from 7 to 20 years.

It really depends on how much energy you currently use and what you can do to make your home more efficient. Before you even go abut pricing any solar or wind system, I highly recommend that you go about adding insulation, changing lightbulbs, replacing old inefficient appliances, taking steps to reduce phantom loads and seal up your house. These things are far more cost effective than alternative energy and can be done rather easily by most any do-it-yourself type person.

Every dollar you spend on energy efficiency, you will save five on alternative energy.

Then and only then, contact someone (like me) and have them give you a quote for a wind, solar or hybrid system.

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