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Green Living Gifts The Green Mile Ending Question?

Question by Tyler Lee: The Green Mile Ending Question?
We know that Paul had been a good man all his life. He was nice to the prisoners and saved Hal’s wife etc. When he touched John, he gained part of John’s miracle. As a result, he gained a long life. But in the ending he says he was also “punished” for killing one of God’s miracles. He was punished meaning he had to see everyone who he loved die.

My question: Why was Paul punished if John told him it was okay to kill him and that he wanted to get away from the world’s cruelties? Should Paul have let him live aka go against John’s interests, wouldn’t that be more sinful compared to killing him? Someone please inform me or let me know what they think about Paul’s gift/punishment. Thanks.

*note: I haven’t read the book. Just watched the movie.

Best answer:

Answer by The saint
Well his Punishment to him is Ever lasting life
to see all He loves die when he cant .. A Gift from god also a Punishment because he will be alone ..

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