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Going Green Ideas Q&A: Dark green carpet..Need ideas on colors?

Question by : Dark green carpet..Need ideas on colors?
My husband and I are renting a home with dark green carpet all over (except for the bathroom and kitchen, which is a lighter green)…The living room and dinning room are in the same area. The wall color is gingersnap. My sofa and loveseat are a dark sandy color, so I was thinking of covering them up with an ivory/cream slipcover and getting a beige rug/carpet to cover up the green a little bit. Any ideas of making this work? What color curtains? and pillows for the loveseat and sofa? What’s a nice accent color?? I would appreciate the help. Thank you.

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Answer by Silence Dogood
since it is dark green DON’T use dark colors almost anywhere because it gives off a claustrophobic and dark kind of feeling!( you could pull it off if your going for a formal dining room but don’t use darker colors in the living room for sure!) For you sofa a nice light cream cover will look just right! The rug can also be a creamy lightish beige, it can even have a light color lining for spunk! Now you have to be careful with the drapes because the walls are gingersnap. I would use a layered drape that has cream in it but also has a color ( I would suggest a light blue, light pink, or a light creamy yellow. And whichever color you pick for the drapes also pick the same for the pillows. Mixing a little pattern and solid pillows will really compliment the room as a whole also! Really what’s most important is to not let the dark green take over the room and darken it! Hope this helped!

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