Thursday, February 27, 2014

Green Walls Living WallsKinect Sports Season Two

Kinect Sports Season Two

  • Features six team-based and individual sports – tennis, golf, American football, baseball, skiing and darts – with unique challenges and activities for each
  • Showcases Kinnect’s intuitive gameplay and effortless immersion
  • Get personal in a one-on-one showdown with your family, or send a challenge for your friends to tackle when they jump on Xbox LIVE later
  • With new Achievements, exciting activities and unlockable avatar awards, every player of every skill will find something to challenge and enthrall them
  • Log onto your KinectShare account to download photos and videos captured in-game, and share them with your family and friends

Kinect Sports: Season Two" sprints out of the box at full speed, taking full advantage of the revolutionary Kinect technology and its latest exciting features like in-game voice commands and enhanced motion tracking.

List Price: $ 29.99

Price: $ 7.95

Guide to a Healthy Living Wall: Plant Care Guide to 20 Recommended Plants Plus Instructions on Creating Your Own Living Wall

This book introduces the reader to the world of interior (home and office) living walls and provides a basic framework for understanding these plants on their terms. This book introduces readers to the easiest and most natural living wall plants so


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