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Eco Friendly Gifts Q&A: I need some ideas for throwing a "green" baby shower; how to be tactful and still be specific?

Question by SayWhat?: I need some ideas for throwing a “green” baby shower; how to be tactful and still be specific?
My sister is very health/eco conscious and she wants her baby to be too;

I would like to say on the invitations to the shower that she will be using things such as: glass bottles (not plastic), cloth diapers, organic clothing, no mineral oil based toiletries, etc. Of course she will register for these things, but sometimes you get gifts not on the registry. What is a good way of esplaining her definition of green on the invitation without sounding demanding or hard to please? Thank you for your help.
I am throwing the shower for my preggo sis.

Best answer:

Answer by jm1970
You can put on the invitations your sisters wishes for raising her child, but it is a bit rude to tell people what to buy.

She can always exchange things or donate whatever she doesn’t want to a crisis pregnancy center. Those places are grateful to receive things.

You need to understand that the things your sister wants are going to be a bit more expensive and difficult to get than normal.

Maybe make the invitations green with a globe on it…..”We’re welcoming baby ______ into a nice green world.”

On the inside of the invite you could put something like

YOUR SISTER’S NAME and FATHER’S NAME are planning to raise their baby to be a good citizen of our planet. Please see the registration for ecofriendly gifts.

But really, any way you do it is against manners.

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