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Renewable Energy How would I get a intern-like job (non-payed) in a renewable energy company?

Question by aalliiccee13: How would I get a intern-like job (non-payed) in a renewable energy company?
I’m 16, and will be 17 by the summer, I’m still in Secondary school and I would really like to get some sort of insight into renewable energy over the summer, as I would like to persue a career in that field. I live in Ayr in Scotland, so it would have to be near there possibly out to glasgow. I’ve no idea how to go about it, and I don’t know what company I could go to either. The company I could think of is EDF Energy. I thought of maybe writing an email and asking if I could come in and maybe help out, getting coffee etc. Any help would be great!

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Answer by Maria
Research a list of companies in your area, or close to where you live. Look under their “careers” page on their websites to determine if they have any internship positions available. If they do, apply for them. If not, contact the company and describe how interested you are in renewable energy and that you would be willing to intern/help over the summer.

I hope this helps! Being proactive usually helps in cases like these. You never know what will happen if you don’t try!

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