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Green Living Consulting How do you apply for a green card to the US?

Question by kringle: How do you apply for a green card to the US?
I intend to move from Ireland and want to know how i go about it, i mean how long will at last and what will it allow me to do?

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Answer by jenny s
You are definitely going to have to consult the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website for this question ( or consult an immigration lawyer.

There are just too many ways and reasons why you might be able to obtain a visa to come into the country. You will need a visa first and then after awhile you will be able to apply for the “green card” (which isn’t actually green). Depending on where you live in the country will determine how long it takes to get one due to how many other people are using that particular service center for their immigration services (Houston is the worst in the country I’ve heard because it is so busy).
Once you get the “green card” you are allowed to work and live here indefinitely (although it has to be renewed every 10 years) but you aren’t allowed to vote or work for some government offices (ex can’t be a politician).

Good luck! It is a long and arduous process that costs quite a bit of money and is very, very frustrating to say the least. My advice- come visit with a Visa and see if you really even want to get a green card. You might find the grass is not greener on this side of the ocean.

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