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Eco Green Living Q&A: Ways to eat healthy and green with only a microwave?

Question by megan: Ways to eat healthy and green with only a microwave?
My husband, myself, and our 18 month old daughter live in a small apartment with only a microwave. We’re also expecting. I’m trying to make the best both healthy and eco-friendly choices for us. We eat manily vegitarian meals, but are not vegitarians. We eat alot of organic foods, as much as possible. It is very difficult to do so without a stove. We are also pretty busy and need some ideas for quick meals, also inexpensive. Any ideas? Thanks!
thanks a bunch, I was about to ask about those!

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Answer by meadow
ok my suggestion is getting an electric pan
#1-it works wonders for a small apartment, space wise and in the summer it sure is less heat than a stove
#2-it is very inexpensive, i purchased one for $ 20 and found a second one at a thrift store for $ 2.99
#3-you can basically do anything with that pan that you can with a regular stove and oven
#4-if you are going eco-friendly it, you have to think of your electric usage too and it is far more eco-friendly than a microwave
#5-it’s an easy clean up and you only have the one pan to clean

I had mine after a divorce where I ended up with no stove and a mini fridge to work with and 3 boys to feed and I lived like that for about a year, I made everything you could make on a regular stove, I even made spinach lasagna (one of my childrens favs) and cake in it

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