Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Green Living Blog Q&A: Do you have any fund raiser ideas of ending local poverty?

Question by John Doe: Do you have any fund raiser ideas of ending local poverty?
me and a group of friends are trying to help in poverty in Bartlesville Oklahoma and we want to buy food to put in baskets for people who live in poverty. We have made a blog if you would like to check on our progress or just say anything… we just started today.


Post any ideas you may have to help us raise money for food for people in poverty.

Best answer:

Answer by Sweetness
Project Pocket Change- use clean milk jugs and collect peoples spare change, can be used / given to the utilities company to help pay for utilities that low income folks cant afford. Yard sale in which all monies made are contributed to the cause. Put on a play and charge perishable food items as entry fee. Ask local grocery stores if you can place a box in or around their store to collect food for your cause. People are already at the store they may pick up a couple items for you.

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