Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Green Living Blogs I can't run where I live? And will I get used to the taste of green tea?

Question by Harlow: I can’t run where I live? And will I get used to the taste of green tea?
Hello there, friends:)! I’m a teen recovering from bulimia-anorexia. And I’m on the road to healthy! I’m so excited! BUT where I live it’s impossible to go running without having to worry about people wanting to rape me or abduct me.. Should I convince my mom to let me run in another neiborhood? How do I? And I’ve read a lot about green tea, I’ve tried it once and it was… Interesting… Will I get used to the taste if I suck it up? And do you think making a healthy blog on tumblr will motivate me and others? I’ve been thinking about it:)? And no, I’m not trying to lose weight, I’m just trying to get heathier:) Cheers and God bless you all:)

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Answer by B.E.I.
First, congratulations on your recovery. I wish you the best.

If you neighborhood is that bad:

1) Get a running partner
2) Join a gym. Around here there is a nice gym that is $ 10/ month
3) Get a used treadmill. Check with Craislist (or someplace like freecycle and you might be able to get one for free)

As far as the green tea goes…try adding pure honey to it.

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