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Green Living Room Does a led color shelf work in a kitchen with a neutral green?

Question by Proverbial Quimby: Does a led color shelf work in a kitchen with a neutral green?
I’m putting in a wet bar and trying to think of something original to do. The kitchen color is Clary Sage, a Sherwin Williams neutral green. The living room is Relaxed Khaki, another SW color. I have cherry hardwood floors and white cabinets. A dark granite countertop is soon to come.

I want to put in a wet bar that would have a sink, dark wood cabinet doors, a granite countertop and a mirror with glass shelves to display glasses. Would a led-color shelf work with my current color scheme? Does the neutral / natural colors look clash with led accent lights?

Check out the link to see what I’m thinking (the shelves would be capable of changing to virtually any possible color, so i could adjust it to match the green I have). Is that too much? I’m new to the home decor thing, so feel free to be honest. I’m afraid I’m getting to into a cool idea and not going with what I should do.

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Answer by stmichaeldet
Two thoughts – first, no, fancy glowing shelves are probably not going to work with a neutral/natural color scheme, even if you adjust them to match. Their fancy glowingness would probably overwhelm the more subdued setting you describe.

Secondly, buying fancy, any-color-glowing shelves and then just adjusting them to match the walls seems like a terrible waste of potenial, and a major case of conspicuous consumption.

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