Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pure Green Living Does Al Gore spread political propaganda?

Question by Jalapeno Farts: Does Al Gore spread political propaganda?
Read the link below and see how much truth is in Al Gore’s Video “an inconvenient truth”. Do you think “Global Warming” and “Green Living” are pure political propaganda and a way to raise new taxes? There is big business in the making (e.g. the palm oil industry) that harms earth rather than saving it, all in the name of “Green Living.” Do you think “Global Warming” is real and man-made or are we fooled by spreading fear?


turning the facts around here… I am looking for facts and I am educating myself on subject topic. You follow a propaganda. If you look any further, you’ll find a huge majority of scientist not approving the “Global Warming” Agenda. The so called facts you believe in are backed up by a minority of scientists on the payroll of big companies…

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Answer by ken s in area 51
I think there is some man made global warming but no where near what Al “Hoots” Gore is out peddling, I bet if you look deep Al Gore and others that are pushing this Global Warming have money invested in Green Tech.
Other wise they would not be out there pushing this stuff, heck back in the 60`s and 70`s some of these same people were saying we are headed into another ice age.

They are pushing this so gov puts money in green tech .

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