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Sustainable How much does a sustainable energy home cost to build?

Question by Jane: How much does a sustainable energy home cost to build?
I am contemplating buying/building a house, for the first time, with no deadline. I haven’t selected a site yet (I know that changes things) but I want to know what I can expect. How does the intial cost of a sustainable energy home typically compare with a less green option?

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Answer by Sienna
This of course depends on a lot of different factors. But… for the most part it really doesn’t cost as much as many people think. Since you are building a home instead of trying to remodel a home it makes things much less expensive. Many people think that to be “sustainable” everything needs to be run entirely off of solar and will cost a fortune. This is very wrong.

First you need to figure out where most of the energy in your home is going to be used.
1. heating/cooling
2. Water heating
3. Major appliances
4. lighting & smaller appliances

So if you can reduce the energy needed by the largest energy users you can almost elminate your energy bill.

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