Thursday, May 31, 2012

Going Green Facts Q&A: Going Green?

Question by snowboarder: Going Green?
ok there was a report on T.V. saying humanes only contribute 15% of the world’s “carbon foot print” the rest from volcones and other natural things. it says the people who beleive in the green stuff and say this is a true fact along with those who don’t. if this is true what is the point and spending billions of dollars to change everything we know that works. even if we do something amazing and cut it down by 66% it will still take 10 years to make up one and cost billions to do so. wouldn’t it be better to spend the money on things like fixing the economy and aids and cancer research to find a cure?

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Answer by OGUN
Know this, the earth will be here. We may not but the earth will. So conservation is not about saving the earth. It about saving the inhabitants of the earth. If the earth can’t support human life then no illness or disease will matter. It’s like not being able to breath. Despite whatever is ailing you if you can’t breath nothing else matters.

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