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Living Green Expo Someone please answer my stick insects question, I've made it yesterday and not one comment?

Question by : Someone please answer my stick insects question, I’ve made it yesterday and not one comment?
I have bought two New Guinea Stick Insects form an expo today. One a female and one a male. I got a pair for 60 they seem to be enjoying the apples and lettuce I gave them, but I was wondering about collard greens. Yes I know males can be aggressive and have those spurs on their back legs that can give you a nasty prick and a lot about them. I give them skinned apple bits and lettuce, but I want a bit more nutrition with collard greens. I know bok choy and arthropods don’t mix though. They can make them sick and kill them. I experimented on one of my baby roaches. It lived, but it was moving slowly for a while. But anyways. I sometimes have left over collards after my feeding of my pets so maybe I could give them some. I didn’t do it yet. Just waiting for an answer. Collard greens seem to be edible to my hissers, but I dunno about these guys.

Please , could anyone answer ASAP? I tried looking online, but it not being the most common invertebrate pet, makes it hard to find any foods edible to it. I’m, feeding mine lettuce and skinned apples so far, I want some more greens in the diet, because lettuce doesn’t have high vitamins or anything else.
Well ZI found out these guys are likign the strawberries and leaves so far, but I don’t think bok choys good though. I mean if it made oen of my baby roaches fatigued for a bit I don’t think it’s good for arthropods. Probably too acidic.

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Answer by Shannon K
put this in zoology section. They should be able to help you since I cant.

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