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Eco Friendly Gifts Eco-friendly gifts for a grave site?

Question by heather c: Eco-friendly gifts for a grave site?
I like to leave my mom, who passed away last year, little gifts at her head stone. Since I leave things for Christmas, her birthday, and mothers day I realized how much stuff could accumulate. I have brought balloons in the past and flowers(commercial) but I don’t think these things are very eco-friendly. Not to mention greeting cards I leave as well. I live in the north so I can’t bring fresh flowers very often I don’t think commercial are the best or truly genuine. I also thought about planting something but I really like to bring something new at these different holidays. Any unique eco-friendly suggestions would be great!!!!

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Answer by krennao
For my fathers, I mulched it to keep the weeds off and planted flowers. It turn out really nice.

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