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Green Architecture I'm an architecture major and I have no social life please help?

Question by Jubeikiba5: I’m an architecture major and I have no social life please help?
I am a third year architecture major, and I have yet to have much of a real social life in college. I was diagnosed with ADD this summer(whether it exists or not I get meds that increase my focus). ADD was probably why I had so much trouble finishing work my past 2 years. 3rd and 4th year at my school are more laid back and a little easier than previous years. The meds have helped a lot, but I ended up in the one extremely hard studio. This is not a grass is always greener on the other side of the fence thing this is true. No one else complains about their studio and mine regularly gets pity. plus I’m at 18 credit hours. I’ve had to quit all of my social clubs just to keep my head above water. I’m lucky if I get to work out once maybe twice a week which is really important to me.

No partying no dating no nothing.

I pulled three all nighters in a row the middle one being my 21st birthday.

I’m not even going to be an architect. I’ve decided I want to go into development. It matches my personality more. I’m a driver not a creator even though I took art 4 years in high school.

basically this sucks and if it’s not one thing it seems to be something else and the something else seems to be worse. I just get frustrated when I go home on breaks and I here the stories my friends from home have. I get jealous and angry. I would like to have a girlfriend in college, but they seem to get disinterested when I’m chained to my drafting table. Can’t really blame them. Plus I have a feeling that some of the guys I know are starting to think I might be gay because I am rarely seen around girls. I would love to be, but to “I’m sorry I don’t finish class at three do homework for a few hours then lolligag the rest of the week and then decide whether I’m going to go out wednesday through sunday or not.” a little bitter I know.

By the way if you’re an arch major you will know what I’m talking about when I say this. I am not one of those people who sits at my desk and watches a movie while working then complains about how I spent 12 hours in studio. I am in studio working not even music playing. maybe 3 or four second or third years are also in the studio. it used to be everyone in first and second year. by the way the 3 or four others are in my particular section of studio where we are getting destroyed compared to everyone else’s 1 project cake walk. I’ve had 3 due so far in the 7 weeks I’ve been here so far.

Please! Any advice would be helpful.
that 1 project cake walk is 1 project or review for the entire 16 week semester

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Answer by Anatoly
whooooa… that is way to much to read but from what the title ask about social life i think you need that hand book about being irresistable. once iv been on a site and it has a link to this handbook. im ok in my social life but i still found it helpful. you need a membership at the site and the cool thing is, its free. and dosent have any of those viruses or spyware crap. the site is called… yes its generaly a porn site but that handbook at the end is pretty cool. its like at the bottom of it all. just skip through all the inappropriate stuff. the handbook link is at the bottom

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